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TipOne® TipOne®
Engineered for a great fit on your pipettor

Fit and Handling

TipOne® pipet tips are engineered and created to work together with most popular pipettors. The collar of each tip has an extended sealing zone that conforms to the pipettor nosecone, creating an excellent seal. This means that gentle pressure is enough to seal TipOne tips on your pipettor. As a result, tip ejection forces are lowered, reducing the stress on your thumb and hand.

TipOne is the original easy-to-load refill system that does not require tedious alignment or additional devices to load tips into racks. Our sturdy racks resist tipping and will withstand repeated autoclaving.


Finely polished production molds create smooth inner surfaces that reduce sample retention on the tip walls. A uniform, burr-free tip orifice prevents sample hold-up.

TipOne manufacturing is highly automated and controlled. Purity and precision are key factors throughout the entire process. No bioactive processing additives such as slip agents, biocides, or antistatic agents are used in raw materials or during production of the tips. At the start of production, pre-approved, 100% virgin polypropylene is transported from protected containers to the molding machines in a closed system, eliminating extra handling steps. All molding machines and packaging equipment are located in a clean room supplied with HEPA filtered positive air flow. All racks, lids, wafers, and tips are made in this environment. Machine operators and packers wear protective gear to maintain cleanliness.

Finished tips are released from the molds and robotically inserted into the racks within seconds. No human handling is required or allowed. Filters are set in place automatically and the hinged lids are mechanically closed over the tips, protecting them before the final packaging steps. Finally, all products are labeled with lot numbers that track the complete manufacturing process.

Quality Control

All TipOne products are lot tested for consistent liquid delivery and complete and easy sealing. Tips are examined under magnification for coaxiality, flash-free edges, complete formation, and the absence of imperfections such as scratches. Tips are also tested and certified to be free of any detectable RNase, DNase, or DNA. Sterile tips are also certified pyrogen free. TipOne is available in hinged racks, refill wafers, sturdy stacks, sterile racks, and zip top plastic bags with tamper evident strips. We offer most tips with or without ultra low retention surfaces and/or aerosol barrier filters.

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