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TipOne Pipette Tip Refills

Want an easy way to reduce the plastic needed for research? TipOne® can help. Our pipet tip refills significantly decrease left over tip packaging. Using refill wafers instead of new tip racks can save over 65% plastic by weight. Each pack contains two sleeves - load all of your racks at once or load just a few and keep the remaining wafers sealed.
$40.20 $40.20 $24.05 $474.80
  • Secure, low-force fit on most pipette brands
  • Strong wafers snap into empty tip rack
  • No tools or alignment required for loading
  • Reduces packaging waste
  • Compatible with multi-channel pipettes
  • Certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, and pyrogens

TipOne refill wafers are easy to use. There is no need to line tips up with holes in the rack, and no tools are required. Simply remove the wafer from the package and snap it into an empty TipOne rack. A reusable transfer cover protects the tips as you load individual racks. The wafers remain secured in the racks until you are ready to replace them.

Tip volume, lot number, and other important information is laser-marked on the front of each wafer for easy identification. When you refill tip racks, all of the important tip information stays with the tips. 2D barcodes provide convenient lot tracing.

TipOne refills are nested for space savings, and the outer wrap on each sleeve has a large, easy-grip pull tab. Two separate refill sleeves provide the flexibility to load fewer racks while keeping the remaining wafers sealed. Refills are sealed in plastic; we don’t use cardboard, paper, or other uncharacterized materials as tip containers.

Refills are designed to offer the best performance while using a minimal amount of plastic and packaging material. Streamlined packaging saves space on your shelf and reduces the environmental impact during transportation. All components are marked for easy recycling.

ErgoOne® & TipOne® Compatibility Chart