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CytoOne Flasks, Filter Cap

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Vented filter caps have a 0.2 µm hydrophobic membrane to exclude bacteria and fungal contaminates. Easy open, resealable zip top bags protect unused flasks.

T25: 30 sleeves of 10 (300) per case
T75: 20 sleeves of 5 (100) per case
T150: 8 sleeves of 5 (40) per case
T225: 5 sleeves of 5 (25) per case
$231.85 $231.85 $141.35 $563.90 $563.90 $344.35
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  • Easy-access wide necks feature anti-drip collars
  • Anti-tip skirts and base bars reduce accidents
  • Zip top bags reseal without tape to protect unused flasks
  • 100% pressure tested for leak-free assurance
  • Stop refocusing – flat bases keep cells in focus as you move from one section to another
Choose tissue culture treated for optimum cell attachment and growth or non-treated for hybridoma and suspension cultures. CytoOne® flasks have canted or angled necks, molded volume graduations, vented stacking rims, and frosted writing surfaces.

High optical clarity provides distortion-free microscopy. Flasks are manufactured from premium grade polystyrene under ISO 9001 standards with rigorous quality control. Every lot is tested for cell attachment and growth. Certified DNase, RNase, DNA, and pyrogen free; non-cytotoxic. Gamma sterilized.






T25 25 Canted 5 70
T75 75 Canted 20 279
T150 150 Canted 30 591
T225 225 Angled 60 1006
CC7682-4822, CC7672-4822, CC7682-4815, CC7672-4815, CC7682-4875, CC7672-4875, CC7682-4825, CC7672-4825, 7682-4822, 7672-4822, 7682-4815, 7672-4815, 7682-4875, 7672-4875, 7682-4825, 7672-4825