Tough-Spots® on Rolls

Tough-Spots® are tough vinyl laboratory labels that can withstand freezing, sustained humidity, or soaking without peeling or becoming brittle. They adhere to most plastics, glass, and metals and are resistant to many chemicals.
$26.60 $44.54
Tough-Spots are flexible labels that can withstand boiling, freezing to -196°C, and sustained humidity. They are resistant to most chemicals and will accept any marking instrument. All sizes are available in white. Selected sizes are available in a variety of colors for convenient color-coding. Supplied in convenient dispenser boxes. 3/8”, ½”, and 7/16” Tough-Spots have 1000 labels/roll. ¾” and 1” Tough-Spots have 500 labels/roll. 3/16” Tough-pots have 1500 labels/roll.