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CELLview Cell Culture Dish, Undivided

CELLview 35 mm glass bottom dish, undivided, 10/sleeve, 40/case.
$323.50 $379.00

CELLview™ glass bottom dishes combine the convenience of a 35 mm disposable dish with the optical quality of glass for superior high-resolution microscopy of in-vitro cultures. CELLview provides optimal thermal conductivity with heated platforms.

CELLview high transparency achromatic borosilicate glass is 175 µm thick and does not autofluoresce or depolarize light. Undivided dishes have a growth area of 8.7 cm2 and a working volume of 5.0 ml. Ten/sleeve, 40/case.

Select the Advanced TC™ surface option for fastidious or sensitive cells, cultivation in serum-reduced media, and other difficult applications. Advanced TC surfaces are modified to enhance cell attachment and proliferation for more consistent and homogeneous growth.