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100 x 13 mm compact PS petri dish

100 x 13 mm compact polystyrene petri dish
Your Price: $123.50
Item No.: 8609-5010
100 x 13 mm compact polystyrene slippable petri dish with side arrows and isobars, sterile, 30/sleeve, 600/case

Smaller base diameter (87 mm) reduces media use compared to a standard 100 mm dish. Space-saver lid and reduced total height saves space compared to standard dishes. The indented lid allows stacking but is also fully slippable. Measures 92.4 (OD with lid) x 13.7 mm.

Biomedical grade crystal polystyrene is exceptionally clear. Consistent flat bottoms save expensive media and ventilating ribs prevent condensation build-up. Slippable dishes are suitable for use with automatic filling and streaking equipment. The compact 8609-5010 100 x 13 mm dish can be used in place of 100 x 15 mm dishes to save space and media. Sterilized by gamma radiation.

Made in the USA.

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