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Vortex-Genie Pulse

Vortex-Genie Pulse
Price: $482.75
Your Price: $405.60
Item No.: 7407-2360
Scientific Industries
Vortex-Genie Pulse, digital display, 500-3000 rpm, 120V, 60 Hz

Special Offer! Free tube holder accessory with the purchase of a Vortex-Genie Pulse. Download the redemption form for more information. Offer valid through May 31, 2018.

Pulse, Interval, or Continuous Vortex

The newest Vortex-Genie offers true pulsing action for a more random motion and thorough mixing. Use it for applications requiring more aggressive action than standard vortexing, but less than homogenization or disruption.

Programmable “On” and “Rest” function reduces heat buildup and is ideal for keeping heat sensitive materials in suspension. Includes digital speed control, timer, 3” platform with cover, and a cup head. Accepts all Vortex-Genie accessories. Made in the USA.

Supplied with 3 inch Platform, Pop-off Cup
Speed 500-3000 (2850 for 50Hz models)
Timer - Hands Free 1-99 minutes or continuous
Pulse - ON/OFF 0.1 seconds - 99 minutes
Weight 4 Kg (8.8 lb)
Dimensions (base)
(D x W x H)
165 x 122 x 165mm
(6.5 x 4.8 x 6.5in)
Warranty 2-year manufacturer warranty
Markings CE

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