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TempPlate EXT sealing foil, inset cut

TempPlate EXT PCR and cold storage sealing foil applied to blue Eppendorf twin.tec 96-well pcr plate
Price: $100.95
Your Price: $61.75
Item No.: 2998-7100
TempPlate EXT high performance sealing foil, inset cut, -80C to +120C, non-sterile, 100/box
  • Universal fit for flat or raised rim plates
  • Seals combination polycarbonate/polypropylene PCR plates
  • Great for cold and long-term storage

TempPlate® EXT foil securely seals challenging dual material PCR plates, yet removes cleanly from plate surfaces and leaves no residue. It is also excellent for long term cold storage at -80°C and has a temperature range of -80°C to +120°C. The 1.90 mil thick aluminum foil may be pierced with pipet tips or robotic probes and conforms to the plate and wells for visual verification of the seal. Universal (inset) cut fits plates with or without raised outer edges; angled corners eliminate overhang on plates for easier use with robotic applications. The single end tab is perforated but does not tear during removal.

Recommended for PCR, long-term compound storage, light-sensitive assays, and robotic applications. DMSO resistant. Certified free of detectable RNase and DNase.

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