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Roto-Shake Genie multi-action rotator/rocker

Roto-Shake Genie

Item #7400-1100

FREE Offer with purchase of a Roto-Shake Genie. See below for details. Offer ends September 30, 2020.

Roto-Shake Genie multi-action platform rotator/rocker with accessories

FREE Offer with purchase of a Roto-Shake Genie! Choose from the following:
1 FREE Stacking Tray ( 7400-1170), OR 2 FREE 50-Place Magnetic Hinged Boxes (7400-1140) and 3 Magnetic Clip plates. Choose sizes for 15-17 mm Tubes (7400-1124) or 28-30 mm Tubes ( 7400-1125). Fax or email in proof of purchase and redemption form to redeem. See Redemption forms for more information. Offer expires September 30, 2021.

The Roto-Shake Genie® is a versatile multi-action platform rotator/rocker. A simple adjustment changes the mixing platform action from complete rotation to rocking. The platform surfaces are magnetized to hold a non-skid rocker tray, magnetic tube clips, or magnetic strips for plastic bags.

To achieve a specific mixing action or combination of actions, the position of the magnetic clips can be adjusted to orient the tubes vertically, horizontally, or on a diagonal. The different orientations will cause the content of each tube to roll, tumble, or mix in a combination of movements. An optional 3-D orbital shaker attachment is available.

May be used in cold rooms or incubators. Maintains the set speed between 0°C and 38°C and will operate in up to 95% relative humidity. Made in the USA.

Includes the following accessories:
  • Non-skid 12 x 12 metal rocker tray
  • Four 4" x 1/2" stainless steel strips
  • Clip plate for 12 each of 10-13 mm tubes (microcentrifuge tubes)
  • Clip plate for 6 each of 15-17 mm tubes (15 ml conical tubes)
  • Clip plate for 3 each of 28-30 mm tubes (50 ml conical tubes)