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Eppendorf Research plus Single Channel Pipette

The ultra-light Eppendorf Research plus mechanical pipette not only meets the highest needs in precision and accuracy, it also provides you with increased flexibility and ultimate ergonomics.

The ultralight Eppendorf Research plus pipette combines the highest precision and accuracy requirements with perfect ergonomics and improved flexibility.

The spring-loaded universal tip cone allows for uniform attachment forces with excellent tip fit. The ejection force can be as low as 3.6 newtons, depending on the size and force you use to apply the tip.

The control buttons and displays are positioned to ensure stress-free and intuitive operation. The volume adjustment wheel requires only a few turns to change from maximum to minimum volume.

Advanced materials and production methods make the Research plus extremely low in weight yet strong and fully autoclavable. The unique Fortron® piston offers high resistance to solvents and wear.