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Controlled environment Enviro-Genie mixer

Controlled environment Enviro-Genie® mixer
Price: $6,258.47
Your Price: $5,945.55
Item No.: 7400-1200
Scientific Industries
Enviro-Genie personal cold room/incubator with rocker/rotator, includes accessories

Special Offer! FREE 3D or 2D shaker platform (1) AND 2 magnetic 50-place tube boxes with the purchase of am Enviro-Genie mixer Download the redemption form for more information. Offer valid through September 30, 2019.


  • Precise temperature control from 4.0°C to 75.0°C
  • Thermo-electric refrigeration and heating (no compressor)
  • Rotates, rocks, stirs, and shakes
  • Microprocessor controls provide accuracy and reproducibility
  • Economical, space-saving, and secure
  • Crystal-clear backlit LCD display visible at a glance under any lighting conditions

Need temperature control and agitation in a small space? Perform assays, washings, hybridizations, and cell growth studies right at your bench. The Enviro-Genie® personal cold room/incubator can rotate, rock, stir, and shake at precise temperatures and speeds. The chamber air is continuously circulated to ensure temperature consistency and uniformity, and to reduce the possibility of contamination from outside air. Experiments can be monitored through the shatter resistant window without affecting the chamber environment.

A timer displays elapsed time or remaining programmed time. There are visible and audible alarms for both temperature and time. An RS232 port allows data acquisition and optional control.

A simple adjustment changes the 2-sided stainless steel platform from complete rotation to rocking. The platform surfaces are magnetized to hold a non-skid rocker tray, magnetic tube clips, or magnetic strips for plastic bags. To achieve a specific mixing action or combination of actions, the position of the magnetic clips can be adjusted to orient the tubes vertically, horizontally, or on a diagonal. The different orientations will cause the content of each tube to roll, tumble, or mix in a combination of movements. To use the magnetic stirrers, wire rack, or optional orbital shaker, remove the platform. An optional 3-D orbital shaker attachment is available.

The Enviro-Genie accommodates most tubes, vials, beakers, flasks, tissue culture dishes, multiple well plates, plastic bags, and hybridization and staining trays. Made in the USA.

Includes the following accessories:
  • Non-skid 8 x 12 metal rocker tray
  • Four 4" x 1/2" stainless steel strips
  • Clip plate for 12 each of 10-13 mm tubes (microcentrifuge tubes)
  • Clip plate for 6 each of 15-17 mm tubes (15 ml conical tubes)
  • Clip plate for 3 each of 28-30 mm tubes (50 ml conical tubes)
  • Stackable wire rack

Download specifications and a listing of available accessories in PDF format.

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