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9 x 11 cm DNA Plus Mini Agarose Gel System

9 x 11 cm DNA Plus Mini Agarose Gel System

Item #3487-0000

9 x 11 cm DNA Plus complete mini agarose gel system, includes double-sided 10- and 14-tooth combs.
  • 9 cm wide x 11 cm long
  • Accepts up to 28 samples (two combs)
  • Quick, easy gel casting
  • Two comb positions for running multiple samples
  • Silk-screened fluorescent ruler on each UV transmissible gel tray helps compare and document results
  • Vented lid reduces condensation
  • Three year warranty
Includes one each 10-tooth and 14-tooth double-sided 1.0 mm/1.5 mm thick combs. Measures 15 cm W x 22 cm L x 9.5 cm H (OD). Running buffer volume: 600 mL.

DNA Plus® mini gel systems are reliable, rugged, and easy to use. Gels are easily cast in the empty buffer chamber without the need for end caps or tape. (Optional casters are available for pouring gels while the buffer chamber is in use.)

Strong, thick gel trays resist warping from warm (<60°C) agarose. Each tray has two comb positions and is made from a UV transmissible acrylic for direct viewing or photographing on UV light boxes. Each system includes two double-sided polycarbonate gel combs that have both 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm thick teeth.

Durable acrylic construction and protected platinum electrodes keep these units functioning for years. Safety features include shielded plugs and power cords with flexible construction at stress points. As the lid is removed, power to the system is cut off to eliminate accidental shock.

Mini gel casting procedure:

Place the gel tray inside the chamber with the gaskets forming a seal against the chamber sides. Pour agarose and insert the comb(s).

When the gel is set, lift the tray, rotate it 90°, and return it to the gel chamber.