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TempPlate® RT Select qPCR Sealing Film

Optically clear film prevents edge effects with the strongest adhesive available and a no-curl formulation. The encapsulated adhesive is only released with pressure. Universal inset cut fits both standard plates and plates with raised edges.
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Stop worrying about evaporation during PCR! Optically clear film features the strongest adhesive available. When properly sealed with a sealing paddle or roller, the film will retain its adhesive quality during repeated heating cycles or plate twisting.

Encapsulated, pressure sensitive adhesive keeps the film easy to handle and non-tacky to the touch. (Won't stick to gloves!) After sealing, areas above the sample wells remain adhesive free. The 50 µm polyolefin film with 50 µm silicone adhesive is ideal for real-time PCR, protein crystallization (sitting drop), or other applications requiring extremely clear film. The film exhibits minimal to no autofluorescence and has a functional temperature range -70°C to 100°C.

TempPlate RT Select has two end tabs for easy handling and fits within the edges of 96-well PCR plates with raised walls. Measures 78.6 x mm x 139.7 mm with end tabs. With the two end tabs removed, the length is 113.0 mm. DMSO resistant and certified DNase, RNase, and nucleic acid free. Each box includes one sealing paddle.