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Eppendorf twin.tec PCR Plate 96, divisible, unskirted, blue

Eppendorf twin.tec PCR Plate 96, divisible, unskirted
Your Price: $175.60
Item No.: 4013-3404
Eppendorf twin.tec PCR Plate 96, divisible, unskirted, 250uL, blue, 20 per pack

Eppendorf twin.tec PCR plates have a lot of benefits to offer, particularly in automation and high throughput processes. The rigid polycarbonate frame works well in automation and different colors will organize the different steps of your workflow.

Eppendorf twin.tec PCR plates combine extremely thin walled polypropylene wells for optimal heat transfer to the sample and extremely robust polycarbonate frames for ultimate rigidity and torque-resistance. twin.tec plates reduce the risk of cross contamination from their raised will rims for effective sealing.

  • Can be divided in 4 segments of 24 wells each
  • Fits most common thermal cyclers
  • OptiTrack matrix: high contrast labeling of alphanumeric grid
  • Regular (250 uL) wells
  • Raised well rims for effective sealing, also reduces risk of cross-contamination
  • Certified free of any detectable human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors
  • Ideal for quantitative real-time PCR as well
  • as well

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