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Get Excellent Fit and Performance with TipOne®

Choose TipOne for exceptional fit and accurate delivery, as well as reduced environmental impact. TipOne fits most pipettes and seals completely with gentle pressure. Smooth walls, flash-free ends, and tight tolerances provide excellent results.

The thinner walls of Profile Point™ tips provide greater clarity, use less plastic, and decrease surface area around the orifice to improve sample release.

TipOne Profile Pipette Tip

Profile Point™ 200 µl tip. Graduated, clear tip available with or without filters.

Profile Wall™. Advanced molding technologies create thinner walls with greater clarity while maintaining optimum coaxiality, strength, and accuracy. Uses less plastic than similar tips to help reduce the environmental impact of pipetting.
Profile Point™. Thinner orifice walls create a finer point with decreased surface area to help improve sample release. Plastic use is also reduced.
The following tips include Profile elements:
TipOne Ultramicro XL Pipette Tip 10 µl XL TipOne® and TipOne® RPT tips fit 2.5 µl, 10 µl, and 20 µl pipettes with ultra micro tip cones.  10 µl XL tips flex and are 9.5 mm longer than 10 µl tips for easier use inside taller tubes. 10 µl XL filter tips will deliver up to 20 µl.  The collar of the 10 µl XL tip is designed to fit most common pipette brands, and the thin Profile Point aids sample release.  Graduated at 1, 5, 10, and 20 μl.
TipOne 200 microliter Profile pipette tip 200 µl TipOne® and TipOne® RPT Profile tips are the same length as other 200 µl TipOne tips.  They feature thin Profile Wall clarity and the thinner Profile Point.  Graduated at 10, 50, and 100 µl.
TipOne 300 microliter pipette tip 300 µl TipOne® and TipOne® RPT tips allow additional clearance between the pipette and the meniscus at full volume for greater protection from cross-contamination.  A soft collar lowers application and ejection forces (critical with multichannel pipettes), while the thinner Profile Wall improves clarity and reduces polypropylene use.  Graduated at 100, 200, and 300 µl.
TipOne 1000 microliter natural pipette tip 1000 µl TipOne® tips.  Soft collar reduces application and ejection forces and is compatible with most pipette brands.  Racked tips are stabilized for easier application and are multichannel compatible.  The thin Profile Wall has a smaller circumference than similar tips for easier reach into 1.5 ml tubes and deep well plates.  Graduated at 250, 500, and 1000 µl.



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