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Technical Information

How do I autoclave TipOne® products?
  1. Place racked tips in the autoclave. If desired, the hinged lid may be propped open using the tab on the front of the lid.
  2. Autoclave at 121°C (249.8°F) under a pressure of 15 psi for 15 minutes.
  3. No drying cycle is required. Allow the tips to dry thoroughly before use.
Remove the shrink-wrap from stacked tips before autoclaving. Tips in refill packages must be placed inside the hinged racks before autoclaving. Excessive heat and/or prolonged time in the autoclave may cause warping of both the tips and the rack.

Click here for a printable version.

How do I reach Technical Support?

For assistance with the application or use of our products, please ask for technical support at 1-800-LAB-TIPS (522-8477) or e-mail us at techsupport@usascientific.com.  Technical support is available from 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time.

How can TipOne® products be recycled?
  • TipOne® pipet tip racks, wafers, lids, and stack components are made from polypropylene code #05 and can be recycled with other #05 products.
  • TipOne refill wafers have an outer packaging shell made from either polypropylene #05 (new design introduced in 2015) or PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) code #01 (refills produced before 2015).
  • The plastic shrink wrap on refill wafers, stacks, and sterilized products is made from olefin code #07 and can be recycled with “other” recycling products.
  • The cardboard box that contains TipOne racks is made from recycled chipboard and can be recycled where chipboard is accepted.
  • In selected areas where #5 products are accepted recycling may be available to you through your local sales representative. To locate a sales representative in your area, please call 1-800-522-8477.

Can I fill out my warranty card online?

Click on the link below to access our online warranty form. Please complete all of the fields. When the form is completed, click the "Submit Form" button and complete the email instructions.

USA Scientific Online Warranty Registration Form
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