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6, 12, and 24 Well Cell Culture Inserts for Multiwell Plates

For advanced cell and tissue culture applications, Greiner Bio-One offers an extensive family of membrane supports - ThinCertTM. Combining 6 different membrane specifications (pore size and density) in geometries to fit 6, 12, and 24 well plates, ThinCertTM cell culture inserts are suitable for a wide range of applications including transport, secretion, and diffusion studies, migrational experiments, cytotoxicity testing, co-cultures, trans epithelial electric resistance (TEER) measurements, as well as primary cell culture.

ThinCertTM cell culture inserts are compatible with standard CELLSTAR® multiwell plates from Greiner Bio-One, and are pre-packed together with the requisite number of plates. The automated production process includes double optical control of each insert produced, ensuring that any biological contamination is avoided. The sterility of the single blisterpacked inserts and multiwell plates is ensured by irradiation.

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