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Spin-50 Mini-Column With Water

Spin-50 Mini-Column with Water

Item #1415-1601

Spin-50 mini-column with Sephadex G-50 and water, blue dot on cap, 100/pack.

Purify DNA longer than 20 base pairs with ready-to-use mini-columns containing Sephadex® G-50. Hydrated with water and color-coded with a blue dot on the tube lid. The water may be replaced with a buffer if required. Columns without separating media or buffer are also available for custom applications. 100 columns per pack.

Use Spin-50 columns to:
  • Separate excess dye terminators from sequencing reactions
  • Clean up PCR reactions
  • Remove unwanted salts and detergents
  • Remove unincorporated radionucleotides from probes