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New Offers and Specials!

Get free products and accessories October 1, 2019 through January 31, 2020

Seal-Rite Microcentrifuge Tube

Mixer HC

Freezer rack offers

ErgoOne FAST® pipette controller

Buy 5 get 1 FREE Seal-Rite® tubes Free sample block with Mixer HC Buy 3 get 1 FREE freezer racks! Get FREE pipets PLUS stand when you buy a ErgoOne FAST®


Digital Vortex-Genie®2

Variable speed 2D rocker

Microplate Centrifuge

Buy 3 Reservoirs and Get One FREE! FREE tube holder with Digital Vortex-Genie®2 FREE PCR Chill Rack with PCR Tubes or Plates Free tube adapters with NEW Microplate Centrifuge

Manual Repeating Pipet

Repeating Pipette

CytoOne Plates and Dishes

Tissue Culture Flasks

FREE Tips with Manual Repeating Pipet Get $$ back with ErgoOne Pipettes Get Layer4 Gloves with any CytoOne FREE Seal-Rite Tubes with Dual Rotor Microcentrifuge
Fall/Winter 2019 Precise Solutions® from USA Scientific

Many more offers inside our Fall/Winter 2019 catalog!

Get the latest information on buy/get specials, new products, TipOne® pipet tips, ErgoOne® pipettes, CytoOne® cell culture performance ware, PCR plates and tubes, and more!

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Additional Offers

Equipment Get a FREE tube holder accessory (value up to $146.00) with your purchase of a Digital Vortex-Genie 2 or a Vortex-Genie Pulse. Offer ends January 31, 2020. See below for a link to the redemption form.

Get FREE tube racks and 2 ratcheting clamps (value up to $444) with the purchase of a Genie Temp-Shaker 300™. Offer valid through January 31, 2020. See below for a link to the redemption form.

Get FREE 4 tubes clip plates and 2 magnetic boxes (value up to $182) when you buy a Rotator Genie with Magnetic Platform. Offer valid through January 31, 2020. See below for a link to the redemption form.

Get FREE tube adapters (value up to $48) when you buy a Microplate Centrifuge. Offer valid through January 31, 2020. Use code PSJAN20 on your order.

Eppendorf Advantage Special bundle savings on pipettes, centrifuges, shakers, freezers, and more. Download all Eppendorf Advantage offers or view and purchase selected offers online.
PCR Products Buy an AirClean PCR Workstation and get 4 UV bulbs, 12 pre-filters, a removable shelf with pipettor holder, and a power cord access port included at no charge. Now through January 31, 2020. See all PCR workstations.
Starting a New Lab? Make the most of your laboratory dollars with our Start-Up Lab program. See the details and register for the program.
Product Redemption Forms Download redemption forms for current offers.



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