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Sensation® Nitrile Exam Gloves

Sensation powder-free soft nitrile exam gloves, periwinkle blue, 9.5" long, 10 boxes of 100 per case
$32.00 $243.50
  • Enhanced comfort and tactile sensitivity
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • New polymer system eliminates common chemical additives (including accelerators) that can be irritating
  • Textured fingertips and reduced surfactants for improved wet grip
  • Ambidextrous, 9½" long with beaded cuff
  • Passes viral penetration tests

Formulated without common additives that can contribute to contact dermatitis, Sensation gloves have been clinically shown to reduce redness and itching.

Powder-free Sensation nitrile gloves are an excellent alternative to latex. These soft, flexible gloves stretch and conform to your hands, eliminating the stiffness sometimes associated with nitrile gloves. Complies with FDA Biocompatibility Guidance for Medical Devices. ISO 9001 certified. Ambidextrous, non-sterile; approved for medical use (FDA 510k). Microflex brand.