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Non-Treated Plates


Designed for optimum growth and secure handling, CytoOne® plates are made from premium grade, virgin polystyrene and offer crystal-clear surfaces for distortion-free microscopy. Non-reversible lids with condensation rings minimize contamination and are vented for improved gas exchange. Support tabs reduce surface contact when lids are set aside or propped open.

CytoOne® plates have molded alphanumerics for well identification, frosted writing surfaces, and complete 360º chimney wells to prevent cross contamination. Gripping areas promote safer handling. All plates are certified DNase, RNase, DNA, and pyrogen free and are gamma sterilized. Individually wrapped and lot traceable.

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CytoOne 6-well non-treated-plate
Price: $130.65
Your Price: $57.50
CytoOne 6-well non-treated-plate
CytoOne 12-well non-treated-plate
Price: $172.70
Your Price: $61.75
CytoOne 12-well non-treated-plate
CytoOne 24-well-non-treated-plate
Price: $142.05
Your Price: $61.75
CytoOne 24-well-non-treated-plate
CytoOne 48-well-non-treated-plate
Price: $164.60
Your Price: $76.65
CytoOne 48-well-non-treated-plate
CytoOne 96-well-non-treated-plate
Price: $176.05
Your Price: $84.05
CytoOne 96-well-non-treated-plate
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