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CELLreactor, 50 ml

Greiner Bio-One CELLreactor 50 ml Filter Top Tubes
Your Price: $1,010.00
Item No.: 5622-7245
Greiner Bio-One
CELLSTAR CELLreactor filter top tube, 50 ml, 20/sleeve, 500/case, sterile

CELLSTAR® CELLreactor™ 50 ml Polypropylene Filter Top Tube

  • Facilitates a high number of parallel experiments
  • Flexible working volume
  • Maximal sterility and excellent gas exchange
  • Conical tube design and in-tube harvest
  • Tubes have graduations and a labeling field

The CELLSTAR CELLreactor can be used as small bioreactor for the cultivation of suspension cells. In addition to cell culture applications the CELLSTAR CELLreactor can be applied for the expansion of aerobic bacteria, yeast or other microorganisms in shaken cultures* as well as storage of components and liquids requiring gas exchange.

The CELLSTAR CELLreactor enables the miniaturization of large scale setups while maximizing the number of parallel experiments.

Each CELLreactor cap features several holes and a specific USP Class VI certified, PTFE-coated capillary pore filter membrane. The pore size of 0.2 μm guarantees maximal sterility while providing excellent gas exchange. Individual openings can be sealed, in case the aeration has to be reduced.

Agitation of liquids is achieved with standard lab shakers minimizing foam formation and cellular shearing forces induced by integrated mixing devices. Compared to other cell cultivation disposables, no transfer for cell harvest is required. Based on the conical design the tubes fit in standard 50 ml centrifuge rotors and cells can be spun down in the same tube they have been cultivated in.

* For anaerobic culture CELLSTAR® 50 ml polypropylene tubes with standard cap (Cat.No. 5622-7261 may be used.

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