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PF soft nitrile gloves, Caribbean Blue, box

Caribbean blue soft nitrile gloves, powder-free
Your Price: $23.50

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Powder-free soft nitrile gloves, Caribbean Blue, 9.5" long, box of 100
  • Enhanced comfort and tactile sensitivity
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Textured fingertips for improved wet grip
  • Ambidextrous, 9.5" long with beaded cuff
  • Passes viral penetration tests

Powder-free, Caribbean blue nitrile gloves are an excellent alternative to latex. These soft, flexible gloves stretch and conform to your hands, eliminating the stiffness sometimes associated with nitrile gloves. Complies with FDA Biocompatibility Guidance for Medical Devices. ISO 9001 certified. Ambidextrous, non-sterile; approved for medical use (FDA 510k). Microflex brand.

Material Nitrile
Color Caribbean blue
Finish Textured fingers
Thickness (mil) ±0.01

Tensile strength 31 MPa
Elasticity/elongation 500%
AQL 1.5
Length 9.5"

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Product Reviews

(2 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
Technical Support Resonse to Performance Issue
Technical Support (Ocala, FL) 10/21/2010 2:43 PM
Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear that these gloves have you reinacting the famous Marvel Comics character. We have a lot of happy users and, to date, no performance issues with this glove. It appears you may have a bad lot that we would happily replace or offer an alternative more suitable for you usage. One other great glove with excellent chemical resistance and strength is our Cobalt Blue Nitrile gloves. Please feel free to contact our customer service at 1-800-522-8477 for samples and to resolve any product issues.
I rip through these like the Incredible Hulk rips through shirts!
JN (Charleston, SC) 10/19/2010 2:24 PM
I have narrow fingers and hands and typically buy extra small gloves so I have some tactile capabilities in my gloves. These were sent with the assurance that they are the same as the Sensation gloves (it's my understanding they're discontinued), just a different color. Up to 10 times a day, while wearing these gloves, I will notice one is becoming looser. When I look at the back of my hand I notice it has started to rip and continues to do so until my hand is now gloved in shreds! I'm like a Caribbean Blue Hulk. I am constantly using a new pair because of this and it happens at inopportune times that could be potentially hazardous.
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