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Autofil® Quick-Connect Cradle Ring

Autofil® Quick-Connect Cradle Ring

Item #6000-1122

Autofil Quick-Connect cradle ring, stainless steel, 1/pack
$269.00 $269.00 $123.53

Autofil® vacuum filtration units fit into the innovative Quick-Connect™ hardware for easy hands-free operation. The Quick-Connect cradle ring can be attached to common laboratory ring stands. Connect it directly to your vacuum line and eliminate attaching individual filters to the vacuum line. The Quick-Connect cradle ring holds Autofil bottle top or centrifuge tube filters securely, preventing accidental spills or tip-overs.

The stainless steel cradle ring has a built-in vacuum control dial. Simply insert the Autofil funnel or full assembly into the cradle ring and open the vacuum control. Gradual adjustments can be achieved, allowing you to avoid the foaming that is sometimes created by strong vacuums.