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6.00 mL Screw Cap Tube, Flat-Bottom

6.00 mL tube (without cap) has Internal threads for the most optimal sealing for storage at ultra-low temperatures.
$108.00 $364.30

The 6.00 mL Micronic storage tube in 24-well format has a large working volume of 4.80 mL (working volume at +21°C). These tubes are available non-coded or with an unique 2D Data Matrix code. The 6.00 mL non-coded tubes provide a cost-effective solution for low temperature storage without compromising sample quality and safety. Tubes with a 2D Data-Matrix code permanently laser-etched on the bottom identify the sample, its coordinates within a 24-tube storage rack, the particular rack, and the location of the rack in your freezer.

For highly accurate and reliable results - Micronic 6.00 mL tubes are produced from medical-grade polypropylene. To ensure high sample integrity, even down to ultra-low temperatures, Micronic also offers a 'single turn' screw cap that stays securely in place even during repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

Rack is barcoded on A1-D1-side. Racked option includes 10 racks of 24 (240 tubes). Bulk option has 240 tubes.