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100x20mm Poly-D-Lysine Dish

100x20mm Poly-D-Lysine Dish
Your Price: $493.50
Item No.: 5666-4940
Greiner Bio-One
100 x 20 mm CELLCOAT vented cell culture dish, 58cm2, coated w/Poly-D-Lysine (made to order), polystyrene, 10/sleeve, total 40/case

Coated dishes are made to order. Please allow a lead time of approx. 8 weeks for this item.

Poly-D-Lysine CELLCOAT® Cell Culture Dishes. Diameter: 100 mm, height: 20 mm; Growth area: 58 cm²; Max. volume: 70 ml; Working volume: 16 ml - 17 ml

Poly-D-Lysine (PDL) synthetic molecules are used to improve the adhesion of different cell types to polystyrene surfaces

  • Shelf life: 24 months at room temperature
  • Molecular weight PDL: 75 - 150 kD
  • Quality control: promotion of the adhesion of RCG (rat neurons from the cerebellum) resp. of neuroblastoma cell line
  • Reduced-serum or serum-free cultivation
  • Cell differentiation and neuron growth
  • Promotion of cell adhesion, proliferation and growth of transfected cell lines (e.g. HEK-293, PC12, L929, certain 3T3 cell lines), neuronal cell lines, as well as primary neurons and glia cells


  • Increase in isolation and cultivation efficiency
  • Ready-to-use products: immediate use, time-saving
  • Consistent quality
  • Storable at room temperature

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