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200/300 ul TipOne RPT ultra low retention tip in racks - CLEARANCE

300 µl TipOne® RPT natural, graduated tip in racks
Price: $56.45
Your Price: $23.88
Approx 15 available
Item No.: 1160-9800CL
TipOne RPT Ultra Low Retention Tips
TipOne RPT 200/300 ul ultra low retention graduated pipet tips in racks, 10 racks of 96 tips (960 tips). Original rack style. Not for use with new refills or filter refills.
  • Graduated at 100 µl, 200 µl, and 300 µl
  • Fits most 200 µl pipettes
  • Ultra low retention improves the flow dynamics of viscous or difficult liquids
  • Hinged racks with 96 tips
  • Compatible with most multi-channel pipettes
  • Raised rims on lid for easy stacking & storage
  • Orange wafer color indicates low retention
  • Certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA and pyrogens

Exceptional value! This tip is equal in every way to the 1160-9800 tip, but the rack is our older design that does not accept new refills or filter tip refills. If you don't use refills, these will work perfectly for you!

Pipet a full 300 µl with more confidence and ease. Our new 300 µl TipOne® pipet tips accept a higher total volume for additional clearance between the pipette tip cone and the meniscus. The extra space helps prevent accidental tip cone contamination and provides more security if the pipette is angled during use.

In addition to ErgoOne, 300 µl TipOne tips fit a wide variety of pipettes from Biohit, Eppendorf, Gilson, Thermo, and other companies.

Sturdy racks have a one-piece base that resists tipping during use. The transparent, hinged lid remains open at 120° for easy single or multi-channel pipettor access. If you prefer a non-hinged, lift-off lid, simply remove the lid from the hinges, turn the opening clasp toward the back, and place the lid back on the rack.

Both the lid and the base withstand repeated autoclaving. The two-position latch allows the lid to be shut tightly or kept slightly ajar for more effective autoclaving.

All tips are packaged in boxes of ten racks. They are also available sterilized. The rack is compatible with most multi-channel pipettes and will not flex or tip over during use.

Click here to learn more about TipOne® quality.

TipOne RPT Ultra Low Retention Technology

TipOne® RPT ultra low retention tips use the best available technology to optimize polypropylene tip surfaces, improving the flow dynamics of viscous liquids and other difficult samples.

Molded polypropylene exhibits a microscopically uneven surface that can effect the movement of fluids with low surface tension. All precautions are taken to minimize this effect during TipOne production. Now, TipOne RPT takes this a step further by creating an extremely uniform and stable surface that eliminates any hold up of liquids during pipetting.

In contrast to other technologies that use siliconized or fluoro-coated surfaces to smooth out polypropylene, TipOne RPT tips offer exceptional delivery without the risk of interaction with additives or treatments, even after sterilization or autoclaving.

While our original TipOne pipet tips are recommended for almost all laboratory procedures, there are applications where it can be beneficial to use TipOne RPT. Examples include selected nucleic acids and proteins, viscous liquids, and solutions with Triton-X, glycerin, or other components that require an extremely low surface energy for complete sample release. TipOne RPT will also ensure optimum delivery of aqueous and other common laboratory solutions.

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